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Tqeh Recovery Pathway

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Recovery Pathway

As part of an information pack, Mixed Mediums was engaged to create a patient information DVD for those undergoing hip or knee joint arthroplasty. The following is an excerpt from the DVD given to patients prior to admission.



Corporate Profile

Graduates of Tabor have a well-respected reputation within their chosen fields, and as such Mixed Mediums were approached to visually represent the unique benefits of studying at Tabor Adelaide.

Sa Health Awards 2015

SA Health

SA Health Awards 2015

As part of the annual SA Health Awards, each of the 30 nominees have a short film produced about the positive impacts their initiative has on the health system. The films are screened at an awards night, as well as uploaded by SA Health.

Uni Sa Business

Uni SA

Business School Series

Mixed Mediums was engaged to produce a series of videos for the UniSA Business School, featuring some of the key aspects of learning, outcomes, partners and scholars, featuring marketing science, Asian business, law and business growth.

Calhn Commitment To Care


Commitment to care

Patient Centred care is the main focus of the Central Adelaide Local Health Network. Mixed Mediums was asked to produce a short film highlighting some of the stories of patients and their families who have received care through the Health Network.

Government Services Group

Department of the Premier and Cabinet

Government Services Group

Mixed Mediums produced a corporate video to promote Government Services Group, whom deliver valued services to citizens, the community and government in South Australia, through Service SA, eGovernment and Shared Services SA.



Social Media Campaign

Safer drug prescribing, continuity of patient care and quicker and easier access to patient’s records are a few of the many benefits of EPAS. A series of videos was produced to explain the many benefits to the main stakeholders of EPAS.

Transforming Health Patient Experiences

Transforming Health

Patient Experiences

As part of the transformation of the South Australian health system, individuals were asked of their experiences with the health system. These stories, while emotional, highlight the reasons why Transforming Health exists, & the focus on patient centred care.

Sa Dental Service

SA Dental Service

Your Oral Health

The impacts of good Oral hygiene are paramount in maintaining good overall health. The known correlation between mental health medication and the negative side effects on oral health lead to a series of videos to promote better oral health care practices.

Country Health Sa

Country Health SA

Growing Better Health Services

Spanning almost one million square kilometres, Country Health SA provides service to a population of more than 480,000 people, while retaining a sense of community. This promotional video tells some of their patient stories.

Nursing Midwifery Roundtable

Nursing & Midwifery

Strategic Framework Roundtable

To launch the strategic framework and collaborate with staff, the Chief Nurse & Midwifery Officer sat down with Nurses and Midwives to discuss the Strategic Framework in a real-world sense, and how it can positively impact patient care.

Nursing Midwifery Professional Practice Framework

Nursing & Midwifery

Professional Practice Framework

As part of the Nursing & Midwifery Professional Practice Framework, Mixed Mediums produced a series of stories with a focus on ‘caring with kindness’. The effect nurses & midwives have on their patients at a time of vulnerability is something truly profound.

Miss Nude Australia 2016

Crazy Horse Revue

Miss Nude Australia

Since 2011, Mixed Mediums has produced the annual Miss Nude Australia event, held at the Crazy Horse, featuring performers from across Australia. The live production includes multiple camera angles, photography, full DVD authoring and special features.


Korvest Ltd

Corporate Animation

Korvest Ltd approached Mixed Mediums to create a corporate animation, to be used for shareholder relations, viewers of their website and in-office visitors. The animation helps to promote and educate the public of their business units, products and services.

Government Services Group

Department of Premier & Cabinet

Government Services Group

Government Services Group deliver valued services to citizens, the community and government in South Australia, through Service SA, eGovernment and Shared Services SA. Mixed Mediums was approached by Government Services Group to produce a customer feedback video, to congratulate staff on their work within Government Services Group, but also to function as an introduction for the general public.

Flinders University Archaeology

Flinders University

Massive Open Online Courses

As part of the Archaeology Massive Open Online Course, Mixed Mediums was approached by Flinders University to interview Archaeologists about their experiences working in the field, set within the historic Old Adelaide Gaol.


Department of Education & Child Development

Short Videos

Mixed Mediums was approached by the Department of Education and Child Development produce a series of short videos to be embedded into the RAN-EC Course DVD and published online, as part of the bi-annual resource.

Cook This

Adelaide Central Market

Cook This

Mixed Mediums approached the Adelaide Central Market with an idea to create a web series to promote the iconic market and seasonal produce. Each episode featured a recipe produced by Chef Nick, with help from market identity Marco Marinelli.


ACH Group

Good lives for older people

ACH Group promote independence for their clients, and as such, ACH Group let their clients do the talking for them. Mixed Mediums produced two corporate videos to highlight the people, personalities and services within the ACH Group network.

Advance Care Directives

SA Health

Advance Care Directives

A series of consumer stories were produced to explain why an Advance Care Directive is important to South Australian’s of all ages and backgrounds for a time when they are unable to make decisions for themselves.

Jacobs Creek Experiences

Jacob's Creek


Mixed Mediums was asked to capture the unique experiences available at the Jacob's Creek Visitor Centre, Jacob's Creek Cottages and Jacob's Estate. The fresh local produce, colourful wines and stunning surrounds were a pleasure to capture on film.

Sa Health

SA Health

Transforming Health: Your public hospitals in Adelaide's North & North East

To combat misinformation in the community, SA Health engaged Mixed Mediums to conceptualise & produce an informative and engaging corporate video to outline the plans for community health in the North & North East of Adelaide.