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Vaping Concerns In Schools

Department for Education

Vaping Concerns in Schools

Vaping has become a population health concern, and schools are reporting alarming incidents of vaping within their student cohorts. The rapid introduction of e-cigarettes, changes to legislation, and vast number of devices available make it very difficult for schools and educators to keep up-to-date with the changing landscape. A series of six videos outlining the health implications, laws, curriculum and impact upon young people were produced for internal training purposes.


Department for Education

Trauma Aware Schools initiative showcase

The Department for Education offers professional development as part of their Trauma Aware initiative. School and preschool leaders are able to put in an expression of interest to undertake whole of school professional development in trauma informed practice in education. The professional development can be undertaken with approved external providers. The TASi showcase included a series of eight vignettes featuring schools who have embedded Trauma Aware Practice.

Salhn Research Week


Research Week

The Southern Adelaide Local Health Network (SALHN) has a strong standing within research. To celebrate Research Week, Mixed Mediums produced a series of videos outlining some of the research being conducted within SALHN. The below overview was one of eight videos featuring individual researchers and their areas of enquiry.

Safeguarding Children And Young People

Department for Education

Safeguarding Children and Young People

The Department for Education, along with their partners in the Department for Child Protection, have a commitment to safeguard all children and young people. To affirm this position, Mixed Mediums was engaged to document an account of lived experience from a survivor of child abuse.

Sa Health Supplier Conf

SA Health

Supplier Conference

For the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic, the SA Health Supplier Conference returned to an in-person event in 2022. Mixed Mediums was engaged to produce a series of promotional videos highlighting the colour and excitement of the event, capturing vox pop interviews with attendees, event photography and behind-the-scenes of the event.

Rmclhn Recruitment Campaign

Riverland Mallee Coorong LHN

Recruitment Campaign

The Riverland and Mallee Coorong Local Health Network offers an opportunity to have a rewarding career with flexible work and roster arrangements. Mixed Mediums were engaged to produce a campaign of videos to promote the lifestyle, opportunities and surrounds of the region. The below example is one of two videos focusing upon opportunities within Aged Care Nursing and Nursing and Midwifery.

Pirsa Industry Leaders


Industry Leaders

The Department for Primary Industries and Regions SA (PIRSA) engaged Mixed Mediums to produce a video with industry leaders. It was a pleasure to sit down and listen to the vast wealth of knowledge from industry leaders, to hear about the challenges, what they're most proud of, and future opportunities.

Pea Call To Action

Public Education Awards 2023

Call for nominations

The annual Public Education Awards recognise excellence and equity in education. The Department for Education approached Mixed Mediums to create a fun, up-beat promo to call for nominations.

Party Program

P.A.R.T.Y. Program

Clinical Scenario

The Prevent Alcohol & Risk-related Trauma in Youth Program (P.A.R.T.Y.) is an innovative program that draws on the experiences of trauma professionals and trauma survivors to educate young people, by showing them what can happen when they make a risky decision. The program is most effective when delivered in-person, however COVID restrictions to in-hospital visitors meant that the team needed a realistic scenario to be filmed to continue delivering the program.

Orbis Blackwood Hs Cast Study


Blackwood High School Case Study

Orbis delivers exemplary professional learning for South Australian educators. As part of an ongoing case study, Mixed Mediums followed the professional development of educators from Blackwood High School from 2019 to 2021.

Npews Promo

Department for Education

National Public Education Wellbeing Summit

The inaugural National Public Education Wellbeing Summit was held at the Novotel Barossa Valley Resort in February 2023. The summit provided a unique opportunity to collaborate with leaders from across education policy, school practice, and the research community to consider how we build system capacity to enhance the wellbeing of Australia’s children in the public education system. Mixed Mediums produced a promotional video and overview to summarise the event.

Nursing Midwifery Skills And Training

Nursing & Midwifery Office

Skills & Training Package

To recognise and support the excellent work of nurses and midwives, SA Health offers continuing professional development programs as part of the Nursing and Midwifery Skills and Training Package 2022-2025. Nurses and Midwives have an opportunity to undertake three courses; Clinical Specialisation Program, ICU and HDU Upskilling Program and the Resilience and Wellbeing Support Program.

Helping Hand Virtual Tours

Helping Hand

Virtual Tours

Mixed Mediums has had the pleasure of producing a series of virtual tour videos for Helping Hand over the past couple of years. Ranging across South Australia, the Helping Hand residential care homes are consistently warm and welcoming homes with a range of facilities and activities for residents. The below example features Helping Hand at Lightsview.

Helping Hand 70Th Birthday Celebration

Helping Hand

70th Birthday Celebration

Helping Hand has been a pioneer within the Aged Care industry, starting operations in 1953, and 2023 marks 70 years of operation. Mixed Mediums was engaged to conceptualise and produce a short video to celebrate the occasion.

2H Project

2h Project

Midwifery Training Series

The 2h project exists to make maternal care excellent for every woman, no matter where she lives. Mixed Mediums was engaged by the 2h Project to create a training resource aiming to improve birthing outcomes for women in developing countries. The below is an example of one of the initial ten training videos produced.

Children In Care

Department for Education

Children in Care

The Department for Education engaged Mixed Mediums to produce an internal video to help increase staff capacity to improve access and engagement for children in care.

Df E Bullying Response

Department for Education

Bullying Response Videos

The Department for Education (SA) engaged Mixed Mediums to produce some scenario videos to best demonstrate best practice in responding to instances of bullying within a school environment. Using school-aged actors, Mixed Mediums produced two videos demonstrating the two different intervention response methods to encourage a more positive learning environment for all involved.

Hotel Quarantine

SA Health

What to expect during hotel quarantine

All new arrivals into Australia are quarantined in their port of arrival in supervised accommodation for 14 days to ensure compliance. This video was produced for guests to outline what to expect during their stay in supervised hotel quarantine in South Australia. The video is shown internally on Hotel TVs and is published online.




Physio Smart engaged Mixed Mediums to produce a social media content to promote MOTUM. Content was produced in a range of formats and aspect ratios to suit publication across Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and more.

Palliative Care

SA Health

Palliative Care Grants Program

The Department for Health and Wellbeing and Palliative Care SA are excited to be promoting the excellent and innovative outcomes that have come from the Palliative Care 2020 Grants Program in a Palliative Care 2020 Grant Project Showcase. Mixed Mediums produced a suite of showcase videos to promote the innovation by individuals and organisations in Palliative and end-of-life care. The below example is one of nine videos produced, which can all be viewed on the SA Health website.

Physio Smart

Physio Smart

Athletic Movement Screen

Physio Smart focuses on a holistic view of the body when working with their patients. In an effort to better educate patients, and allow them the opportunity to continue exercising from home, Physio Smart engaged Mixed Mediums to produce a series of at-home exercise videos to demonstrate correct technique.

St Hugo

St Hugo


Wine tasting is a sensory experience. Intimate tastings and visits to the vineyard are enhanced by striking architecture, fine wine and food pairings in the restaurant, and a host of bespoke activities on offer at St Hugo. Mixed Mediums were tasked with producing a series of experience films for web and social media.

Jacobs Creek 2

Jacob's Creek

Welcome to Jacob's Creek

Fresh local produce, great tasting wines and a rich history, all while taking in breathtaking vineyards and views of the Barossa Ranges. Jacob's Creek offers some incredible experiences for visitors to their Visitor's Centre in Rowland Flat. Mixed Mediums had the pleasure of producing a series of experiences around Jacob's Creek's assets in the Barossa Valley.

Ebl Disability Carers Forum

EBL Disability Services

Carer's Forum

EBL Disability services engaged Mixed Mediums to capture their inaugural Carer's Forum. Stills photography and video content was captured across the day, and packaged into a highlight reel for their website, and to share as part of their electronic newsletter.


Career Development Association of Australia

Case studies

Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA) aims to help their members through training, guidance, networking and other opportunities to achieve their career goals. Mixed Mediums has worked with CDAA in partnership to produce web video content to highlight specific case studies, and the important role they play in helping members achieve their career goals.

Orbis Walkthrough



Orbis is the Department for Education's professional development arm, to help the Department reach it's goal of becoming world-class. School leaders and staff attend training workshops and classes held by external agencies and academic institutions. As part of the launch of Orbis, Mixed Mediums was engaged to film a walk-through of the space.

Bullying Strategy

Department for Education

Bullying Prevention Strategy

To demonstrate how students voice and experience has helped shape the Bullying Prevention Strategy, Mixed Mediums filmed with Underdale High School students to hear their experiences, understanding of bullying and their input within the strategy

Flinders University

Flinders University

Honorary Achievement Videos

As part of an evening celebrating the achievements of Senior Medical Professionals within Flinders University, Mixed Mediums was asked to film a series of three honorary videos featuring staff, their peers and their impact upon their area of medicine.

Impact 2020

Department for Education

Towards world-class

The South Australian Department for Education is committed to making the standard of education in South Australian public schools world class by 2028. Mixed Mediums was asked to produce a short promotional video to outline some of the steps the Department is taking on the journey toward world-class.

Student Support Services

Department for Education

Student Support Services

Student Support Services works closely with school sites to help support students at-risk of dropping out of school. Mixed Mediums was tasked with telling the story of Brandon, a student at Para Hills High, who was disengaging with his education. With the support of Student Support Services, Brandon completed Year 12, and now works with Para Hills High to help other students complete their schooling.

Adelaide Phn Health Pathways

Adelaide PHN


Adelaide PHN aims to ensure the health system better meets the needs of South Australians. One of the ways they aim to achieve this is through supporting physicians and medical practitioners. Mixed Mediums was engaged to produce an overview video of Adelaide PHN's HealthPathways tool.

Shine Sa Talking Chlamydia


Talking Chlamydia

Chlamydia is a bacterial infection transmitted through bodily fluids, and scarily for 70% of people Chlamydia is asymptomatic. SHINE SA tasked Mixed Mediums with producing an engaging, but honest video aimed General Physicians, as well as the public.

Sa Dental Service As Training

SA Dental Service

Online Training Modules

The SA Dental Service engaged Mixed Mediums to produce content for their online training modules, addressing best-practices in working with patients on the Autism Spectrum. Filming was undertaken at the SA Dental Service's Marleston clinic, with acting and presenter talent sourced by Mixed Mediums.

Start Thinking

Department for Education

Start Thinking

With the Education Department transitioning Year 7 to High school, Mixed Mediums was tasked with producing a series of videos as part of a campaign to attract Primary year teachers to High School. The below video is part of a greater campaign, which was run internally and through social media advertising.

Mens Health Robbie Gray

SA Health

Robbie Gray - Men's Health Ambassador

To coincide with Men's Health Week, SA Health engaged Mixed Mediums to produce a series of short videos for social media. As the Men's Health Ambassador, Robbie Gray filmed a short series of videos outlining the importance of keeping up with immunisations, limiting screen time, getting enough sleep and being sun smart when outdoors.

Leading Clinicians

SA Health

Leading Clinicians

Clinicians often have years of education and training for their clinical specialty, however when tasked in roles of leadership, they may not have had training in how to best work within teams, or help effectively manage. SA Health has developed their Leading Clinicians Program to better give clinicians the skills to become effective leaders.

Quitline Scott

Quitline SA

Scott's story

Quitline SA engaged Mixed Mediums to produce a series of vignettes featuring people's quitting experiences. Everybody has a different journey, and after 28 years of smoking, Scott was able to quit for good.

Quitline Esther

Quitline SA

Esther's story

Quitline SA engaged Mixed Mediums to produce a series of vignettes featuring people's quitting experiences. Everybody has a different journey, and after 18 years of smoking, Esther was able to quit for good.

Hand Washing

SA Health

Good Hygiene: It's in your hands

To help stop the spread, SA Health engaged Mixed Mediums to produce an informative video outlining the correct hand-washing technique using regular soap and hand sanitiser. Given the time-sensitive nature of the topic, Mixed Mediums filmed, edited and delivered the video in under a week.

Wearing Gloves

SA Health

Wearing Gloves: Are they really protecting you?

To help stop the spread, SA Health engaged Mixed Mediums to produce an informative video outlining issues with wearing PPE and cross contamination. Given the time-sensitive nature of the topic, Mixed Mediums filmed, edited and delivered the video in under a week.

Nursing And Midwifery 1

SA Health

Nursing & Midwifery - Enabling Professionalism

The Nursing & Midwifery Office of SA Health engaged Mixed Mediums to produce a series of four short videos to represent each of the four pillars of the 2019-2022 Strategic Directions, as well as to celebrate 2020 as the International Year of the Nurse & Midwife. The videos were premiered the launch of the Strategic Directions, as well as across web and social platforms.

Get Healthy Michael

SA Health

Get Healthy Information & Coaching

Get Healthy Information and Coaching Service is a free, confidential telephone-based service that helps people make lifestyle changes. Mixed Mediums produced two videos with participants who had undertaken the Get Healthy service.

Uni Sa Sansom


Sansom Institute for Health Research

Aboriginal Health is one of the six research strengths at UniSA's Sansom Institute for Health Research. Professor Alex Brown and Associate Professor Alwin Chong are partnering with Aboriginal stakeholders and community groups, to address issues such as high rates of chronic disease and their causes, and the over-representation of indigenous children in care.

Mhc Artist

SA Mental Health Commission

The Kintsukuroi Woman

The SA Mental Health Commission extended a invitation to local artists to create artwork to be featured on the South Australian Mental Health Strategic Plan 2017–2022. The selected artwork, created by the talented Tara Jade Dini Brown features a fitting metaphor for people with living with mental health - the Kintsukuroi woman.

Shine Sa


Creating an inclusive workplace

SHINE SA promotes and celebrates the advantages of creating inclusive workplaces for people of all cultures, genders, and sexual orientations, which in-turn creates better workplace culture, and a more productive and efficient workforce.


The Beards

Final Show Video

The Beards approached Mixed Mediums to film their epic final show at the Governor Hindmarsh Hotel in October 2016. The Beards produced a signature beard-comb USB, which can be played on most devices including TVs, and is available for purchase from their website - thebeards.com.au

Jamie Larcombe Centre

SA Health

The Jamie Larcombe Centre

The Jamie Larcombe Centre is a new $15 million Veterans’ mental health precinct located at Glenside Health Service Campus, providing mental health and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) services to Veterans.

Samesh Greg


Our Lives

The Our Lives campaign aims to address HIV Stigma through the exploration of three HIV positive South Australians living fulfilling lives, and their personal experiences of HIV stigma and discrimination. The excerpt below features Greg's story, his personal experiences of being stigmatized and how his passion for gardening and friends have helped him.

Decd Tip

Department for Education & Child Development

Trauma Informed Practice in Education vignettes

DECD approached Mixed Mediums to produce a series of vignettes exploring how different sites employ various techniques and strategies in dealing with students who may have been exposed to trauma. Nine sites across metro and rural South Australia were showcased, and vignettes were screened at a conference and published online. The example below features staff and students from Elizabeth Grove Primary School.

Decd Sach

Department for Education & Child Development

Schools as Community Hubs

Schools as community hubs is a vision for public schools, preschools and facilities to be more accessible and shared across communities.


SA Health

Telerehabilitation | Dennis' story

Dennis used telerehabilitation to access the Driving Assessment Clinic from his local hospital in Mount Gambier, reducing the burden and stress of travelling to Adelaide for his appointments.

Mhc Brooke

Mental Health Commission

Promoting social capital

This short film series aims to reduce the stigma attached to mental illness amongst a diverse range of groups. The film series captures individuals in their own environments, to best portray the importance of acknowledging mental illness, and how best to deal.


St Andrew's Hospital & South Terrace Urology

An introduction to Robotic Surgery

Robotic Surgery is revolutionising patient outcomes at St. Andrew's Hospital & South Terrace Urology. A private virtual consultation video was also produced, with a pre & post surgical consultation for patients to understand the procedure & their resulting care.

Tqeh Recovery Pathway

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Recovery Pathway

As part of an information pack, Mixed Mediums was engaged to create a patient information DVD for those undergoing hip or knee joint arthroplasty. The following is an excerpt from the DVD given to patients prior to admission.



Corporate Profile

Graduates of Tabor have a well-respected reputation within their chosen fields, and as such Mixed Mediums were approached to visually represent the unique benefits of studying at Tabor Adelaide.

Uni Sa Business

Uni SA

Business School Series

Mixed Mediums was engaged to produce a series of videos for the UniSA Business School, featuring some of the key aspects of learning, outcomes, partners and scholars, featuring marketing science, Asian business, law and business growth.

Calhn Commitment To Care


Commitment to care

Patient Centred care is the main focus of the Central Adelaide Local Health Network. Mixed Mediums was asked to produce a short film highlighting some of the stories of patients and their families who have received care through the Health Network.

Government Services Group

Department of the Premier and Cabinet

Government Services Group

Mixed Mediums produced a corporate video to promote Government Services Group, whom deliver valued services to citizens, the community and government in South Australia, through Service SA, eGovernment and Shared Services SA.



Social Media Campaign

Safer drug prescribing, continuity of patient care and quicker and easier access to patient’s records are a few of the many benefits of EPAS. A series of videos was produced to explain the many benefits to the main stakeholders of EPAS.

Tarpari 2016

Country Health SA

Tarpari Wellbeing Day 2016

The Tarpari Wellbeing Day aims to bring together the community of Port Pirie, the Mid-North and surrounding regions to start conversations about the importance of health, and the services available to the community.


Home Support Services

Hospital in the Home

Keeping people healthy and happy at Home is the key goal of Home Support Services. To better visually represent the services offered by HSS, Mixed Mediums was asked to produce a series of videos featuring their staff & patients.

Sa Dental Service

SA Dental Service

Your Oral Health

The impacts of good Oral hygiene are paramount in maintaining good overall health. The known correlation between mental health medication and the negative side effects on oral health lead to a series of videos to promote better oral health care practices.

Country Health Sa

Country Health SA

Growing Better Health Services

Spanning almost one million square kilometres, Country Health SA provides service to a population of more than 480,000 people, while retaining a sense of community. This promotional video tells some of their patient stories.

Uni Sa Research

Uni SA

Research Series

The Pharmaceutical research taking place at UniSA has lead to real-world outcomes in the delivery & efficacy of medication. Fostering the passion of innovation and partnering with industry has ensured UniSA is at the forefront of medical breakthroughs.

Jacobs Creek Garden To Plate Challenge

Jacob's Creek

Garden to Plate

As part of the unique experiences that Jacob’s Creek offers, the Garden to Plate cooking challenge offers guests the opportunity to create gourmets meal amongst the outdoor kitchen of the historic Jacob’s Estate Cottages.

City Of Salisbury

City of Salisbury

Promotional Video

To position themselves as a great place to live & work, Mixed Mediums was engaged to produce English and Chinese videos promoting the lifestyle, and the investment & economic opportunities that exist in the City of Salisbury.

Nursing Midwifery Roundtable

Nursing & Midwifery

Strategic Framework Roundtable

To launch the strategic framework and collaborate with staff, the Chief Nurse & Midwifery Officer sat down with Nurses and Midwives to discuss the Strategic Framework in a real-world sense, and how it can positively impact patient care.

Nursing Midwifery Professional Practice Framework

Nursing & Midwifery

Professional Practice Framework

As part of the Nursing & Midwifery Professional Practice Framework, Mixed Mediums produced a series of stories with a focus on ‘caring with kindness’. The effect nurses & midwives have on their patients at a time of vulnerability is something truly profound.


Korvest Ltd

Corporate Animation

Korvest Ltd approached Mixed Mediums to create a corporate animation, to be used for shareholder relations, viewers of their website and in-office visitors. The animation helps to promote and educate the public of their business units, products and services.

Government Services Group

Department of Premier & Cabinet

Government Services Group

Government Services Group deliver valued services to citizens, the community and government in South Australia, through Service SA, eGovernment and Shared Services SA. Mixed Mediums was approached by Government Services Group to produce a customer feedback video, to congratulate staff on their work within Government Services Group, but also to function as an introduction for the general public.

Flinders University Archaeology

Flinders University

Massive Open Online Courses

As part of the Archaeology Massive Open Online Course, Mixed Mediums was approached by Flinders University to interview Archaeologists about their experiences working in the field, set within the historic Old Adelaide Gaol.

Decd Ranec

Department of Education & Child Development


Responding to Abuse and Neglect Education and Care (RAN-EC) Training is mandatory for people who work with children on a regular basis. Staff are required to undertake a full day of training annually, which includes video content produced by Mixed Mediums.

Csa Alloy Wheels

CSA Alloy Wheels

Alloy Wheel Range

To promote the new range of alloy wheels by CSA, a series of short videos were produced to feature across Social Media, conferencing presentations, web, & selling platforms, including eBay and in-store kiosks.

Cook This

Adelaide Central Market

Cook This

Mixed Mediums approached the Adelaide Central Market with an idea to create a web series to promote the iconic market and seasonal produce. Each episode featured a recipe produced by Chef Nick, with help from market identity Marco Marinelli.


ACH Group

Good lives for older people

ACH Group promote independence for their clients, and as such, ACH Group let their clients do the talking for them. Mixed Mediums produced two corporate videos to highlight the people, personalities and services within the ACH Group network.

Advance Care Directives

SA Health

Advance Care Directives

A series of consumer stories were produced to explain why an Advance Care Directive is important to South Australian’s of all ages and backgrounds for a time when they are unable to make decisions for themselves.

Jacobs Creek Experiences

Jacob's Creek


Mixed Mediums was asked to capture the unique experiences available at the Jacob's Creek Visitor Centre, Jacob's Creek Cottages and Jacob's Estate. The fresh local produce, colourful wines and stunning surrounds were a pleasure to capture on film.

Novotel Barossa

Novotel Barossa Valley Resort

Conferencing Promotional video

Mixed Mediums was asked to conceptualize and produce a promotional video highlighting the ‘stay & play’ conferencing facilities of the Novotel Barossa Valley Resort, and the stunning surroundings.

Sa Health

SA Health

Your public hospitals in Adelaide's North & North East

To combat misinformation in the community, SA Health engaged Mixed Mediums to conceptualise & produce an informative and engaging corporate video to outline the plans for community health in the North & North East of Adelaide.